FTB Standard Hunting Stand

FTB Standard Hunting Stand


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The FTB Standard, great for solo hunting but roomy enough for a guest. 1 piece molded poly construction provides the strength needed to hold up to all elements while eliminating the chance for leaks, squeaks and creaks.


Construction: Two Layer Polycarbonate

Windows: Lexan 5% Tint

Exhaust Vents: 4 on Top. Bug screens available.

Buddy Heater Intake Vent: Yes

Color: Black or Tan (Tan is black inside)

Dimensions: 5′ deep, 6′ wide, 7′ tall (inside)

Weight: 350 lbs

Additional Features

Shelves below each window

All aluminum hinges

Double seal door with 2 locking handles and 1 padlock latch

Angled roof with overhang and tapered window sills repel moisture

Powdercoat steel base with 4-4×4 leg pockets, cross brace mounts and anchor loop.


Window openings left to right, right to left, or bottom to top

Bug screens for vents

Porch kit

Cross brace kit

Anchor kit

Custom legs, ladders and stairs



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